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Christmas Gift Guide - For Him

Shopping for your husband, dad, brother, or friend? Shop our "For Him" Collection featuring products from our family of brands.

11. Bl. Frassati Sticker

Personalize your belongings with the Bl. Frassati Sticker, featuring the beloved Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati. This vibrant and inspiring sticker serves as a constant reminder of Frassati's joyful and adventurous spirit.

Recommendation: An excellent gift for men who appreciate the life and virtues of Bl. Frassati, bringing a touch of inspiration to their everyday items.


12. States of Faith Coffee Mug

Sip your favorite brew in style with the States of Faith Coffee Mug. The unique design showcases your Catholic pride, making every coffee break a moment of spiritual reflection.

Recommendation: A thoughtful gift for men who enjoy their coffee with a side of faith, adding a touch of religious devotion to their daily routine.

13. States of Faith Crewneck

Stay warm and stylish with the States of Faith Crewnecks. Featuring Catholic-themed designs, these crewnecks not only provide comfort but also allow men to express their faith in a fashionable way.

Recommendation: Perfect for men who appreciate a blend of casual wear and religious symbolism, making a bold statement about their beliefs.


14. Don't Be a Loser - St. Anthony of Padua T Shirt

Embrace a sense of humor and faith with the Don't Be a Loser T-Shirt featuring St. Anthony of Padua. This shirt combines lightheartedness with devotion, creating a unique and memorable piece.

Recommendation: A playful yet meaningful gift for men who appreciate a touch of humor in their faith expression.

15. St. Michael No Show Socks

Step into the warrior spirit with St. Michael No Show Socks. Comfortable and discreet, these socks pay homage to the archangel Michael, symbolizing strength and protection.

Recommendation: Ideal for men who prefer subtle yet powerful expressions of faith, these socks offer a daily reminder of divine protection.

16. St. Joseph Adult Socks

Walk in the footsteps of St. Joseph with these Adult Socks. The design captures the essence of this revered saint, making them a meaningful accessory for daily wear.

Recommendation: A symbolic and stylish gift for men who admire St. Joseph's virtues and seek to emulate his qualities in their daily lives.

17. Eucharist Ultra Soft Blanket

Wrap yourself in the warmth of faith with the Eucharist Ultra Soft Blanket. Featuring a beautiful Eucharistic design, this blanket is not only cozy but also a comforting reminder of the sacrament.

Recommendation: An excellent gift for men who appreciate comfort and wish to surround themselves with the symbolism of the Eucharist.

18. Work Hard Pray Hard T Shirt- St. Joseph

Strive for balance with the Work Hard Pray Hard T-Shirt featuring St. Joseph the Worker. This shirt celebrates the virtues of industry and prayer, creating a harmonious blend of faith and daily responsibilities.

Recommendation: A motivational and purposeful gift for men who find inspiration in the balance between work and prayer.

19. Love Your Family Wood Plaque

Display your commitment to family values with the Love Your Family Wood Plaque. The elegant design serves as a visual reminder of the importance of love and unity within the family.

Recommendation: A meaningful and heartwarming gift for men who prioritize family, allowing them to express their devotion to loved ones through art.


20. States of Faith Quarter Zip

Stay cozy and stylish with the States of Faith Quarter Zip. The quarter-zip design allows for versatility, making it a practical and fashionable addition to any wardrobe.

Recommendation: Ideal for men who appreciate a blend of comfort and style, expressing their Catholic pride in a subtle yet sophisticated manner.

21. Grind. - St. Joseph the Worker Mug

Start your day with determination and faith using the Grind. Mug featuring St. Joseph the Worker. The motivational design encourages hard work and prayer in equal measure.

Recommendation: A practical and inspirational gift for men who seek motivation in their daily routines, combining faith with a strong work ethic.

22. Jesus, I Trust in You Monstrance Framed Wood Block

Bring the comforting message of trust into your home with the Jesus, I Trust in You Monstrance Framed Wood Block. This piece serves as a visual anchor for prayer and contemplation.

Recommendation: A thoughtful and spiritually enriching gift for men who appreciate meaningful decor that fosters a sense of trust and faith.

23. Not Not Beer Mug

Embrace a touch of humor with the Not Not Beer Mug. Featuring a playful design, this mug is perfect for enjoying your favorite beverage with a lighthearted twist.

Recommendation: A fun and entertaining gift for men who appreciate a good laugh and a unique addition to their drinkware collection.

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