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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Catholic Concepts is a launch pad for great ideas with an eye on the eternal and feet on the ground.  We’ve seen incredible creativity and innovation coming out of the Catholic sphere and we want to be a resource and a haven for these good ideas to ignite the imagination of the nation.
Catholic Concepts brands feed our mission to start conversations through joyful products and services.

 We are guided by 5 Core Values: We exude joy. We innovate. We are driven to excellence. We have integrity. We are a team.


Our Story

Founded in 2017 as Sock Religious, we saw a need in the market for faith and fun to mix in the form of socks. Over the next four years, we became the world’s largest Catholic sock company but wanted to do more. We moved production to Indianapolis and our capabilities for creating expanded dramatically. We recognized pretty quickly that creating and producing was our sweet spot so we invested in our infrastructure to be able to take incredible ideas and make them happen. After receiving request after request to make unique projects happen, we can now offer those services to our clients and customers under the name Catholic Concepts.

Meet The Team

Not Pictured:

Mary Jo Brown - Production Associate 

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