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Christmas Gift Guide - For Her

Shopping for your wife, mom, sister, or friend? Shop our "For Her" Collection featuring products from our family of brands.

1. Adoration Throw Pillow

Transform your living space into a sanctuary with the Our Holy Home Throw Pillow. Adorned with sacred symbols, this pillow not only adds a touch of elegance but also radiates a sense of divine comfort.

Recommendation: A perfect gift for women who appreciate the fusion of spirituality and home decor, creating a sacred atmosphere within their living spaces.


2. St. Gianna Molla No Show Socks

Walk in the footsteps of St. Gianna with these No Show Socks. Comfortable and discreet, they pay homage to the patron saint of mothers and physicians, making them a meaningful accessory for daily life.

Recommendation: Ideal for women who appreciate subtle expressions of faith, these socks provide a gentle reminder of St. Gianna's virtues.

3. Woman Up T Shirt

Embrace the strength and courage of women with the Woman Up T-Shirt featuring St. Joan of Arc. This shirt celebrates the feminine spirit and the resilience exemplified by this remarkable saint.

Recommendation: A powerful and empowering gift for women who take inspiration from St. Joan of Arc's fearless faith.


4. Catholic Rosary Drop Hoodie

Cozy up in faith with the Catholic Rosary Drop Hoodie. The rosary-inspired design adds a touch of spirituality to this comfortable hoodie, making it a perfect blend of style and devotion.

Recommendation: An excellent gift for women who appreciate fashionable yet meaningful outerwear, combining faith and comfort.

5. Jesus, I Trust in You Monstrance Coffee Mug

​​Start your day with a cup of trust in the Jesus, I Trust in You Monstrance Coffee Mug. Featuring a beautiful monstrance design, this mug invites moments of reflection and prayer with every sip.

Recommendation: A comforting and uplifting gift for women who enjoy their coffee or tea as a time for spiritual contemplation.


6. Whatever God Wants- St. Gianna Molla T Shirt

Wear your faith boldly with the Whatever God Wants T-Shirt featuring St. Gianna Molla. This shirt embodies the selflessness and devotion of this holy woman.

Recommendation: A meaningful gift for women who find strength in surrendering to God's will, echoing the virtues of St. Gianna Molla.

7. St. Catherine of Siena Sticker

Add a touch of saintly inspiration to your belongings with the St. Catherine of Siena Sticker. Perfect for personalizing laptops, water bottles, or notebooks.

Recommendation: A small yet impactful gift for women who appreciate the intercession of this revered saint, bringing a touch of spirituality to everyday items.

8. St. Rose of Lima Adult Socks

Step into the spirit of St. Rose of Lima with these Adult Socks. The vibrant design pays homage to the patroness of Peru and florists.

Recommendation: A colorful and symbolic gift for women who admire the beauty of nature and spirituality, carrying a piece of St. Rose's story with every step.


9. Ave Maria Monogram Framed Print

Bring the Ave Maria into your home with our Monogram Framed Print. This elegant piece combines artistry and devotion to create a visually stunning homage to the Blessed Virgin.

Recommendation: A sophisticated and cherished gift for women who hold a special place in their hearts for Mary, symbolizing grace and beauty in their homes.


10. St. Thérèse of Lisieux Adult Socks

Walk with the "Little Flower" wherever you go with these St. Thérèse of Lisieux Adult Socks. The delicate design captures the essence of this beloved saint.

Recommendation: A subtle and graceful gift for women who find inspiration in the simplicity of faith, expressing their devotion through fashionable and comfortable socks.

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