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We may be Sock Religious,
but we are more than just socks.

In 2017, when we started fulfilling sock orders out of our spare bedroom, we had no idea that we would have the opportunity to develop a brand that people love. We have found incredible joy in making products, building a business, and connecting the community through employment. We have seen a tremendous amount of growth in the last 5 years and we know that as we continue to serve our customers in diverse ways, we get to start more conversations. 


We are more than just socks.


Over the last 5 years, we've expanded our product offerings and now sell shirts, onesies, stickers and coffee mugs. We offer print-on-demand services, manufacture our own products and connect Catholic creatives around the country.  As we continue to expand our operations and capabilities, it no longer makes sense for us to house these other brands under Sock Religious. Socks will always be at our core, and we will not stop creating them, but the evolution of our brand must continue.


We are more than just socks. 


We would like to introduce you to Catholic Concepts. Catholic Concepts will serve as a home for all of our brands to live. As a launch pad for great ideas with an eye on the eternal and feet on the ground, we plan to offer three new brands and services that will operate independently from one another, but will all feed our mission to "start conversations through joyful products and services." 


We are way more than just socks. 


We now print our own shirts through This entity will offer custom product creation and printing services for other Catholic companies, parishes, schools, CYO teams, and any of our partners that find themselves in need of these services. 

States of Faith is a brand that offers Catholic gifts that are unique to individual states inspired by the power of the rosary. 

Live Liturgically is a family-focused brand that aims to blend the rhythms of liturgical life with the craziness of the life of the family. `


Catholic Concepts will become a central place for us to pool our talent, machinery, and resources to keep good things happening in the Church! For so long, manufacturing our socks in the United States was just a dream. We now have the capability to create our own socks and products and the dreams have gotten even bigger. We have been asked again and again to collaborate with other companies to bring their dreams to fruition as well. With the capacity to bring these ideas to life, we are focused on serving others with our resources. 


How can Catholic Concepts help your dreams become reality?


Learn more about our new vision here!

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